Drilling & Completion Service
Technical capability of integrated drilling engineering service, equipment management, production management and project management.

Since its establishment, Zhongman Petroleum and Gas Group Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongman Group or ZPEC) has been committed to global integrated drilling engineering services since its establishment. Engineering services mainly cover drilling, wireline logging, mud logging, cementing, well completion, drilling fluid, and directional well and so on wells technology integration services. At present, the company has 59 sets of various drilling rigs. The main markets are the Middle East, Russia, North Africa, South Asia, etc. The customers are mainly Saudi Aramco, Shell, Petronas, BP, Zhenhua Petroleum, Luk Oil, CNPC, Schlumberger, CNPC and other domestic and international well-known oil companies and oil service companies.

Since 1995, it has served CNPC, SINOPEC, Yanchang Oil, Schlumberger and other well-known companies in Sichuan Basin, Ordos Basin, Tarim Basin and Junangel Basin.

In 2011, it participated in the SINOPEC international project and entered the international market. In 2012, it entered the Iraqi market and gradually invested 14 drilling rigs, serving 15 projects, with a total of 198 Wells and footage of 660,903 meters.

In 2016, it entered the Egyptian well market, completing a total of 214 Wells with footage of 126,421 m.

It entered the Russian market in 2017, with a total of 6 drilling rigs, with 61 horizontal Wells and 171,117 m footage.

In 2018, it entered the Pakistan and Ukrainian markets and successfully completed many complex well projects.

It entered the Kazakhstan market in 2019 to develop the company's Tenge oil field.

It entered the Saudi market in 2021 and became the only private enterprise to enter the high-end Saudi drilling market. There are 3 rigs for well and workover; At the same time, it has completed the qualification review of Kuwait to prepare for the next step of developing the Kuwaiti market.


The customers of Zhongman Group are mainly domestic and foreign oil and gas giants, which have gradually formed a market structure with the Middle East as the center, covering Asia, Europe and Africa. The high-quality customer structure has improved the company's ability to resist risks.

Drilling technical services
Relying on the advantages of the integration of Zhongman drilling & completion engineering services and oil equipment manufacturing, Zhongman Group has actively expanded its exploration and development business since 2016, focusing on many oil and gas exploration and development projects in oil and gas enrichment areas along the "Belt and Road", and has made a series of gratifying breakthroughs. Domestic bidding, tendering, exploration, discovery and trial mining of Xinjiang Wensu Oilfield, and foreign participation in oil and gas field of Kazakhstan.
  1. Mud Logging
  2. Wireline Logging
  3. Directional Drilling
  4. Cementing
  5. Kaseum Tools
  6. ZPEC Completion Department
  7. ZPEC Stimulation Department
  8. Drilling Fluids & Oilfield Chemicals Department

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