Drilling technology of ultra-deep well in the mountain front structure

Party A is the CNPC Tarim Branch. The drilling project of Tarim Oilfield faces the difficulties of complex geological structure and formation pressure system, deep salt layer, composite salt paste layer development, huge thick mudstone development, deep high seepage, carbonate reservoir of weathering shell, and H2S and CO2 in some areas. Zhongman adopts radical drilling parameters design, Power-V, preferred composite drill bit(lion-tiger-beast type), alternative teeth drill bits, reasonable use of high pressure injection, well completion liquid nanotechnology, etc. The first well Keshen13-2 well was planned of 7486 meters in  286 days, while it was actually drilled to 7483 meters in 243 days, achieved the shortest well construction period in the same block, establishing an excellent brand image in the Tarim oil field, highlighting the ultra-deep well drilling technology of Zhongman Group.

Deep and complex well drilling technology

Deep complex wells have many problems such as high temperature and high pressure, longitudinal variable formation pressure, complex body structure, high well control risk and poor drillability. ZPEC has completed more than 50 deep complex wells in the Tarim (China), Junggar (China) and Badra (Iraq). It is known for its fast drilling speed and complex processing, and is highly appraised by Party A for its first-class level.

The formation pressure profile of Badra Oil Field in Iraq is complex and changeable, with a 7-layer casing well body structure containing a high-pressure salt water layer. The formation is hard and drilling is very difficult. An internationally famous oil service company has completed two wells with a drilling cycle of nearly 500 days. After winning the bid, ZPEC actively analyzed data and strengthened technical breakthroughs, forming a series of supporting technologies such as high temperature and high pressure deep well cementing technology, small gap well cementing technology, deep hole reaming technology, high grinding formation acceleration technology and broken formation coring technology. The drilling cycle was gradually shortened from 300 days to 180 days, gaining a high international reputation.

Horizontal well technology for long horizontal breccia reservoir

For super long horizontal section horizontal wells, they have high hole cleaning requirements, large resistance, easy to collapse, casing difficulties, ZPEC through careful construction, precision countermeasures, using advanced horizontal section resistance and collapse prevention process, in Xinjiang Mahu Oilfield, Inner Mongolia Surige Gas Field, Gansu Qingyang, completed horizontal level above 2000m horizontal well.

The finished drilling depth of AHHW2032 well completed by Rig 7 is 5438 m deep, the horizontal section is 2000 m long, and the drilling cycle is 33.38 days, creating the shortest three-spud-in drilling period in Block 2 of Mahu Oilfield. Well 014-113H2 drilled by Rig 15 was 5425 m, horizontal section length of 2500 m and drilling cycle of 40 days, which was highly evaluated by Party A.


The AHHW2030 well constructed by Rig 11 has a well construction cycle of 32.04 days, breaking the shortest well construction cycle record of the 2000 m horizontal section of the whole Mahu block, and being awarded the title of "Trump Drilling Rig" by Party A.

Drilling technology in polar extreme cold environment

The construction site of the Russian oil project is located in Yamarneniez Autonomous Region of Qiumen Prefecture, Russia, with a minimum temperature of 62℃. Permafrost layer of varying thickness exists in each oil area. Since the drilling began on 21 December 2017, 61 cluster horizontal wells have been drilled, with the deepest finished drilling depth of 3944 m and the longest horizontal section of 1355 m.


Through the engineering technical problems encountered in construction for scientific research, gradually formed the permafrost low temperature drilling fluid system, oil based drilling fluid system, permafrost solid well water mud system, achieved good results in practical application, solve the negative large displacement, long inclined well section, large torque horizontal well drilling problem. The drilling period of the horizontal well in the Kenskchasheri block was shortened from 33.66 days of the first well to the fastest 12.13 days, and the well construction period was shortened from 45.49 days to the fastest 20 days; The Novatek drilling cycle was shortened from 41.42 days in the first well to 23.76 days, and the completion cycle from 51.63 days in the first well to 29.22 days, breaking the record for the oil field.

Drilling technology of large-size desert Wells

Since the Zhongman Egypt project entered the Egyptian well market in 2016. The drilling area of the Egyptian Water Wells project is located in the hinterland of the largest Sahara Desert in the world. The climate is dry and hot, with great wind and sand, and the living and working environment is very bad. However, under the extremely harsh natural conditions, it left the great performance of ZPEC.


Up to now, a total of 214 Wells and 126,421 m footage have been completed to help the "barren land" to develop agriculture. The journal "Large Egyptian desert will eventually become fertile land" was published in the People's Daily in 2019. The Zhongman drilling team is known around the Sahara Desert, Egypt, and North Africa.

Polar Swamp environmental drilling technology

The Zhongman Russia project is located in the Yamarnenez Peninsula of Russia, between north latitude 63-67 degrees, including the northernmost Nord and Novatek projects, an area with complex surface conditions, lush vegetation and crisscrossed rivers. Moving and installation, material organization is extremely difficult, personnel shifts and supplies can only be guaranteed by helicopter.


In the swamp area of the Novatek project, 12 horizontal wells have been completed, with an average completion cycle of 32.3 days. As the only Chinese enterprise engaged in drilling engineering in this region, ZPEC has shaped the "Golden Signboard" of Chinese drilling services with its excellent performance and excellent production organization capacity.

Drilling technology of large slope and large displacement directional well

For large slope, large displacement directional wells, sand carrying difficulties, large resistance, easy to hold pressure, easy underground collapse, has always been a great risk of pipe-stucking well type. Since 2010, ZPEC has applied more than 100 wells with hole cleaning technology, rotary guidance technology, nano blocking and anti-collapse prevention technology in Ordos Basin (China), Junggar Basin (China), Tarim Mountain-front Block (China) and Garraf Oilfield in Iraq.


In the Garraf oil field in Iraq, Rig 25 has completed 10 large displacement wells above 60 degrees, the maximum K94P well is 71 degrees, and the horizontal displacement is 3500 m, which is the highest in Iraq. In Surig (China), the Su 14-7-14xh1 well completed by Rig 8, the maximum well slope 78 degrees, steadily crossed the 300 m easy to collapse mudstone section. The well was safely and efficiently completed through the application of nanoblocking technology.

Ultra-deep well drilling technology

The anterior structure of Tianshan Mountains has always been the commanding point of drilling engineering technology, poor drilling ability, inclined well, deep salt paste layer, upper thick gravel layer development, deep and low pressure seepage, etc. Zhongman drilling, through strengthened drilling parameters, adopts advanced Power-V anti-inclining tools, has optimized composite drill bits, selects oil-based drilling fluid, etc. The completed drilling depth of well Keshen 13-2 is 7483 m and the construction period is 243 days, which is the shortest construction period in the same block. The finished drilling depth of well Dabei 1701X is 6932 m and the maximum well inclination is 61 degree. The high slope ultra-deep directional well has been completed at high speed and efficiency, establishing an excellent brand image in the Tarim oil field.

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