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    Main achievement

1.Stimulation Department Introduction

ZPEC Stimulation department was established in 2014, which has the excellent performance in various markets supported by the advantage of IPM service in Iraq, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. After several years of development with equipment improvement and team grow up, the Stimulation department is able to provide several kinds of services including Technology supporting, equipment service and materials sales which includes professional acidizing, proposal design, fracturing, coiled tubing service, well testing service and chemical sales. Stimulation department possess 68 professional technicians with experienced in program or proposal design, fracturing & acidizing service, coiled tubing service, surface well testing and DST testing service.

2.Service Available

Fracturing , Acidizing & Surface Well Testing Services

ZPEC Stimulation department can provide professional reservoir evaluation proposal, technical services, post-pressure stimulation effect evaluation, and stimulation IPM service, fracturing and well testing service for normal and unconventional reservoirs like as low permeability reservoirs in China market and Middle East major oil field.

Experienced Design Team

The design team were composed by experienced experts and engineers who have been engaged in reservoir analysis and evaluation, fracturing & acidizing Technology research for many years.

Advanced Fracturing & Acidizing Design Software

ZPEC Stimulation team possessed advanced fracturing & Acidizing design and analysis software such as FRACPT, STIMPT, Gohfer, Meyer, etc. These software can be performed with fracturing/acidizing simulation and small-scale fracturing analysis and also can optimize fracturing & acidizing proposal or plan according to the characteristics of the reservoir.

(1)StimPT (2)FracPT  (3)Meyer   (4)Gohfer 

Key Fracturing Technology
· Conventional Sand Fracturing Technology;
· Compact Oil & Gas Reservoir Multi-interval fracturing Technology;
· Shale Oil & Gas Reservoir Volume Fracturing Technology;
· Repeated Fracturing Technology;
· Temporary Plugging Fracturing Technology;
· Cross-linked Acid Sand Fracturing Technology;
· Open Hole Multi-stage Fracturing Technology;
· Coiled Tubing Fracturing Technology;
· Perforation & Bridge Plug Setting Fracturing Technology

Key Technology of Acidizing & Fracturing
· Conventional Acidizing Technology;
· Mud Acid Acidizing Technology;
· Multi-hydrogen Acid Acidizing Technology;
· Poly-compound Acid Acidizing Technology;
· High Temperature Organic Acid Acidizing Technology;
· Gelling acid Acidizing & Fracturing Technology;
· Emulsified Acid Acidizing & Fracturing Technique;
· Clean Diverting Acid Acidizing & Fracturing Technology;
· Friction – reducing Acid Acidizing & Fracturing Technology;
· Carbonate Diverting Acid Acidizing & Fracturing Technology;
· Phase inversion acid Acidizing Technology;
· Temporary Plugging Acid Acidizing Technology;
· Combined Acidizing & Perforating Technology;
· CTU Dragging Acidizing Technology;
· Mechanical Layer Separated Acidizing & Fracturing Technology;
· Multistage Alternating Injection Acidizing & Fracturing Technology

2.1 Acidizing & Fracturing Pumping Service

Equipped series fracturing equipment with total capacity of 30,000 HHP, can provide 2000HHP, 2500 HHP & above 2500HHP fracturing pumps services for various scales & well types. Equipped 50 ea. Trucks including 2500HHP & 2000 HHP fracturing pumps, sand mixing vehicles, instrument vehicles, manifold vehicles and other vehicles. And equipped some skid-mounted equipment. The equipment configuration fully meets the engineering requirements of large-scale fracturing operations. The main operation area covers China & the Middle East.

2.1.1 Fracturing Acidizing Service Introduction
· Fracture acidizing pump, manifold, wellhead equipment, fluid tank, sand tank and other services;
· Fracturing fluid & Acid mixing, pumping service;
· Fracturing & Acidizing fluid pumping services…

2.1.2 Coiled Tubing Technology Services Introduction
ZPEC can provide various professional coiled tubing operation design & equipment service and nitrogen service, with the excellent CTU equipment, matched several down-hole tools which meet various operation technology requirement. The main operation area covers China and the Middle East.
Two truck-mounted JEREH Coiled Tubing units, equipped with 1.5”-2.375” coiled tubing, suitable for maximum depth of 8,000m and 70MPa pressure, meet the requirement of ultra-deep Wells operation.
Equipped with NPIU900-35 & NPIU1200-35 membrane nitrogen making unit, and 180K, 360K model liquid nitrogen pump truck. Equipped with 60m3 liquid nitrogen transportation truck; Capability to provide complete nitrogen service.

CTs force analysis Software

2.1.3 Coiled Tubing Equipment and Technical Services
· Coiled Tubing Dragging Acidizing Services;
· Coiled Tubing Nitrogen Lifting Service;
· Coiled Tubing Fishing Services;
· Wire line Cable Thro-Coiled Tubing Logging Service;
· Coiled Tubing Drilling and Milling Services;
· Coiled Tubing Velocity string Services;
· Coiled Tubing Hydraulic Cutting Services… 

2.1.4 Acidizing & Fracturing Chemical Service
With professional laboratory instrument and technical team, can provide series of oil & gas well stimulation chemical products, including:
Oil base fracturing fluid, Water-based fracturing fluid, Emulsified fracturing fluid Slippery water fracturing fluid, Diverting acid, emulsified acid, Multi-hydrogen acid, Crosslink acid, Poly-compound Acid. And other kinds of temporary plugging products such as: Degradable temporary plugging agent, Temporary plugging ball, Bridging fiber and all kinds of fracturing proppant products.
Meet the well intervention requirement of different reservoir & well conditions.

With perfect Acidizing & fracturing experimental instruments such as: Rheo-meter, Core acidification flow meter, dynamic reaction kettle and other Acidizing & Fracturing experimental instrument. 

ZPEC can provide professional Acidizing & Fracturing chemical materials and systematic performance evaluation, development and oil filed Technology and product services.

Acidizing & Fracturing Laboratory

(1)Acid-rock Reaction Rotation Instrument(2)Core Acidification Flow Meter(3) Fracturing fluid Rheo-meter

2.2 Well Testing Service

2.2.1 Surface Well Testing Service

· Surface well testing equipment along with 15K and 10K pressure rating service and international EXPRO Edgex-II data acquisition system have capabilities for effective evaluation of exploration well and production well. The main services areas were in Iraq, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
· The surface well testing service can obtain dynamic data of reservoir, such as pressure, temperature and oil & gas rate. And the oil & gas reserves of the production zone can be calculated according to this dynamic data.
· Also the surface well testing can measure many parameter of flow, such as fluid viscosity, composition, gas productivity, oil recovery index and other required data.
· Provide the reliable basis for oil field development plan.

2.2.2 DST service (cased hole and open hole)

Cased-hole drill stem testing: ZPEC has the capabilities of providing 15K and 10K down-hole DST tool service, which apply the annulus pressure to control the down-hole tools on surface. The DST tools can work in multi down-hole conditions like as offshore well, land well, high deviated well, and underbalanced well in Iraq and Kazakhstan.

· Open-hole drill stem testing: Open hole DST usually was applied to obtain required parameters of formation and fluid under dynamic flowing conditions to timely and accurately evaluate the production zone during drilling period. The main services area in Iraq.
· Open-hole drill stem testing can eliminate the mud hydraulic pressure which was always forced on the production zone and connect the formation with decreasing the resistance of flowing by open hole packer operation. Meanwhile the dynamic sampling and pressure can be obtained.
· Open-hole drill stem testing can decrease the pollution time of formation by many kinds of down hole operation. In this way, the formation can be protected and effectively evaluated special for low permeability, low pressure and easy pollution formation.

2.2.2 Well Testing Interpretation service

French Saphir Analysis software can analysis all the relevant data during the whole well testing period and provide reliable basis for oil field development.

3.Service performance certificate and letter of commendation

ZPEC Stimulation Department has the good performance of CTU service, Stimulation service, Nitrogen Lift service, SWT and DST services for many IMP project meanwhile separated project such as but not limited to SHELL in MAJNOON, PETRONAS in GARRAF, Gazprom in BADRA, BASHNEFT in BLOCK-12, PPL in BLOCK-8, LUKOIL in West QURNA and BLOCK-10 oilfields. ZPEC always keep best to provide the excellent services for the clients with the service principle of “timely, accurate, efficient, high quality” to do everything with 100% effort.

Main achievement

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