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Business Profile

1. Equipment
Equipped with 70 + state of the art pumping units and associated equipment, ZPEC has 11 cementing fleets worldwide with annual operational capacity of 200 + jobs.
2. Personnel
Has70 experienced staffs, including cementing engineers, laboratory engineers, operations engineers, to provide cement design, technical services, cement slurry additives and systems research and development, laboratory testing and other services.
3. Technical support
Has six sets of API-compliant cement slurry test instruments include:
HPHT Stirred Fluid-loss Cell、HPHT Pressurized Consistometer 、Fan's Viscometer 
Compressive Strength Tester 、HPHT Curing Chamber 、Static Gel Strength Analyzer。
Has a technology research and development center: equipped with conventional cement slurry testing equipment and extremely cold environment cement slurry testing equipment.
Capable of providing customized cementing engineering, development, consulting, field operations, and One Stop Solutions for HTHP oil and gas well, polar ultra-low temperature well, CBM well, geothermal well, etc.

Service area

Featured Technologies

• HTHP Well Cementing

• Extended Interval Well Cementing

• Complex Hydraulic System Well Cementing

• LP Thief Zone Cementing Technical Package

• Gypsum Well Cementing

• ERD Well Cementing

• High H2S and Anti-corrosion Well Cementing

• Deep Slim Hole and Clearance Well Cementing

• Unconventional Cementing Technical Packages

• Polar Ultra-low Temperature Well Cementing

Product Line
• Committed to oil well cement additives R&D, the master lab headquartered in Shanghai along with 6 portable labs worldwide are 7x24x365 available for technical support.
• Proven slurry systems are available in place, including Conventional, Low Temp Early Strength, Ultra-high Density, Low Density High Strength, Extending, High Temp. Differential, Brine-proof,  High Effective Preflush, Permafrost Low Hydration Heat, Ultra-low Temp. Low Density Gas Tight, etc.
• Full additive product line covering Retarder, Fluid Loss, Dispersant, Early Strength, Anti-gas Migration, Lighting/ Weighting Material, Expander, Defoamer, CS Enhancer, LCM, Chemical Wash, Spacer, etc.

Main achievement

Case Study

1、Kynsko-Chaselskoye Neftegas LLC., Russia -- Ultra-Low Temp Well with LP Thief Zone Cementing

Client: Kynsko-Chaselskoye Neftegas LLC., Russia
Duration: Dec 2017 to Feb 2019
Workload: 35 wells
• Low temp permafrost, shallow gas, narrow pressure window
• Unsteady borehole, uneven caliper
• Ultra-low ambient temp
• 19 gas wells cemented, including 16 deviated and 3 vertical
• 100% qualified, 85% excellent bonding
• Trustworthy production phase performance

2、NovaTek, Russia -- Ultra-Low Temp Well with LP Thief Zone Cementing

 Client: NovaTek, Russia 
Duration: Started at Dec., 2018  
Workload: totally 35 horizontal wells cemented up to date
• Located in high latitude polar area, long interval collapsing permafrost
• High porosity, thief zones, continuous gas zone within thin interlayer
• Low cement compressive strength development under low temp
• Unsatisfied diplacement efficiency affected by OBM
• Operated under extremely cold ambient environment
• 100 % qualified, 90 % excellent achieved
• Customized low hydration heat early strength slurry for permafrost applied
• l Low temp., low density gas tight slurry to mitigate annulus gas channelling 

3、Petronas, Garraf, Iraq – Large Inclination & ERD Well Cementing

Client:  Petronas, Garraf, Iraq 
Duration: Started at Feb 2019 
Workload: totally 13 wells cemented up to date 
• Deviated wells with long open holes
• Long collapsing shale formation
• Large 70°maximum inclination leads to worsening casing standoff
• Satisfied displacement efficiency to be achieved, easy channeling
• Comprehensive losses precautionary measures developed, no losses were monitored during the cementing jobs
• All casing bonding were evaluated above qualified

4、ROO, Rumaila, Iraq – Development Well Cementing

Client: ROO, Rumaila, Iraq 
Duration: Started at Oct 2018
Workload: Totally 12 vertical, S & J shaped wells cemented up to date
• Three problematic zones were simultaneously present in 12 1/4” section including Dammam thief zone, Tayarat sulfurous water, and Hartha thief zone
• Difficult to cure upper crack and Karst severe thief zone
• Rigor DPZ bonding and isolation expectation of the Client
• Top ranking in 9-5/8” casing bonding evaluation in Rumaila
• 7” production casing met all expectations of the Client
• Proven regular and special comprehensive Dammam and Hartha Loss Circulation curing technical package was developed.

5、Complex Configuration Exploration Well Cementing

Client: PPL, Block 8, Iraq
Duration: Apr 2019 to Jan 2020
Workload: 1 exploration well
• 5,050m of TD was achieved in 6 sections, narrow PP & FP window Ultra-deep stab-in cementing with 300+ m3 slurry pumped
• HP brine and thief zones were encountered in same open hole section
• 3,975m of interval was cemented by one stage, with 88°of temp differential
• 1st ultra-deep stab-in cementing application
• 2.35 SG ultra-high density cement slurry application
• 1.25 SG ultra-low density cement slurry application
• 7”liner keep rotating while cementing job

Client Evaluation

1、GAZPROM IRAQ B.V,Badra oilfield,Iraq

2、Mdoc, East Baghdad oilfield, Iraq

3、 Zhenhua, EBS oilfield, Iraq

4、BASHNEFT INTERNATION B.V,Block-10 oilfield,Iraq


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