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ZPEC Mudlogging has total of 35 well-equipped mudlogging teams. ZPEC Mudlogging equips with excellent device and provides conventional mud logging, comprehensive mudlogging, geophysical & geochemical mudlogging, gas logging, hydrological mudlogging, CBM mudlogging and other unconventional oil and gas logging. ZPEC Mudlogging sets foot at China and abroad, completes mud logging services in many famous oilfields located in both oversea and domestic such as in the Iraq and CNPC Changqing, Yanchang, Tarim, Sinopec Ordos and other important oil and gas fields, has sufficient mud logging technology and experience obtained in high difficulty super deep well located in the continental and marine sedimentation featured with “high pressure, high yield and high containing H2S” formation, and also has enough technology and experience to provide services in complex drilling technology wells such as high angle deviated wells, large displacement wells and multi branch horizontal wells. Based on the traditional mud logging engineering system as a platform, integrating of multi professional informations and block history informations, carrying out close cooperation with the petroleum colleges and universities, ZPEC Mudlogging is committed to the formation of modern mud logging technology based on the geology analysis and geo-steering.


ZPEC Mudlogging has 12 sets of comprehensive unit (including 4 sets of SK-2000FC, 6 sets of SK-CMS,2 sets of SK-DMS), 10 sets of gas logging unit, 14 sets of geological parameter instrument, which can provide variety of service. SK – CMS and SK-DMS are the mud logging system with the international advanced level. The instrument integrates many advanced technologies such as explosion-proof CAN bus technology, fast chromatographic technology, MWD technology, field geological analysis instrument joint application technology and so on. It becomes the comprehensive information interpretation and evaluation center.

1.Mud Logging Unit:

The comprehensive unit is a pressurized system(Ex PⅡ), which adheres to explosion-proof standard of IEC79-3 or GB38.36.5-2000, the fire proof standard is accorded with SOLAS A-0(1992), and the DNV certification(A-O, Zone 2). The whole unit is anti-shock, anti-vibration, and anti-bump, Indoor noise is no more than 70 Db, power input of unit can alternative for 220V, 380V and 480V, frequency range is from 45 to 60Hz, and working area is accorded with IEC79-13. The unit can be combined with the needs of LWD, MWD measurement data and remote real-time transmission to achieve logging-oriented technology and remote monitoring, can be applied to the onshore and offshore drilling platform.

Main features:

(1)Differential chromatograph: Solve the identification of true and false oil and gas shows caused by drilling fluid mixed crude oil and lubricated chemicals.

(2)Explosive-proof CAN bus transmission: simplified sensor installation, easy to expand, automatic fault diagnosis, self-protection.

(3)Remote transmission: realizing the remote real-time information transmission between well site and base.

(4)Double hot backup: ensure the normal operation and the mud logging data security.

(5)Well site information center: database structure and WITS standard interface is open to realize the integration with third party data.

(6)Paperless recording: the realization of paperless recording and re-display the operation process, and generate PDF document.

(7)Professional abnormal warning: The expert system can reduce the occurrence of engineering accident, reduce the operation risk, and ensure the safety of drilling operation.

(8)Comprehensive evaluation of oil and gas: integrated the engineering, gas logging, geological analysis and other information as a whole, greatly improve the rate of compliance of the interpretation of the oil, gas and water zones.

2.CMS Mud Logging System:

CMS software system consists of data acquisition software package and data processing software package. In Windows operating environment, by using the modular structure design, reliability of long time operation can achieve, CMS interface can display in Chinese, English and Russian languages, and metric and custom unit can be converted freely.

Main features:

(1)Flexible output.

(2)B.Panoramic back play of drilling data.

(3)C.Modular design with high stability.

(4)D.WITS well site information center.

(5)E.Application software is rich function and widely used in the international project.

3.Fast FID Chromatograph:
SK-3Q04 hydrogen flame chromatograph is an automatic fast gas chromatograph, which integrates intelligent high stable performance and quick analysis, it can detect hydrocarbon in drilling fluid continuously and analyze hydrocarbon component (C1-nC5) by selecting analysis period of 30 seconds or 90 seconds, and the complete components analysis and quick back blow of heavy constituent at the same time. This instrument is beneficial to the discovery and evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs in thin oil layer and under the fast drilling conditions.

Main features of SK-3Q04 hydrogen flame chromatograph:
(1)A.New process, unique design, to ensure the accurate determination of C1-nC5.
(2)B.With a high degree of separation, C1/C2 separation degree >0.95.
(3)C.The use of large screen LCD, touch screen operation.
(4)D.Full intelligent control, automatic ignition, automatic zero calibration, automatic fault diagnosis.
(5)E.With a variety of output interface, can be matched with a variety of instruments.
Service area

1.Comprehensive Mud Logging Service

The CMS and DMS mud logging units, which were equipped with advanced CAN bus transmission technology, fast chromatography technology and dual-machine thermal redundancy backup technology, had provided professional, accurate, stable and efficient comprehensive logging services for many oil fields in many countries.

2.Special Logging Service

ZPEC has advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional quantitative fluorescence instruments, XRF- X-ray fluorescence spectral elemental analysis instrument, XRD-X-ray diffraction mineral analysis instrument, and can provide multiple accurate geological analysis both in wellsite and laboratory.

3.Geo-steering Service

On the basis of developing traditional comprehensive logging services, ZPEC mud logging actively develops geo-steering services as the increasing needs of international market. Star Logging geo-steering software integrates seismic data analysis, geology modeling, MWD / LWD data analysis, trajectory path design, drilling trajectory path analysis, section cross check and other functions. By using this software and mudlogging data, ZPEC had already successfully provided geo-steering service for CNPC Changqing oilfield and Sichuan Changning oilfield.

4.Real-time remote data transmission
The self-developed PCS real-time remote data transmission system based on WITS and WITSML realizes convenient access to computer Web terminal and mobile phone Web terminal as well as multi-functional access to computer client without installation while stable and fast data transmission.

5.Core analysis processing

ZPEC imported the GMS312 Rolling Core Logger instrument, which is manufactured in the UK and can continuously measure the GR spectrum data and curve of Core. At the same time, collecting white light photos and UV photos of Core by special high resolution camera is conducted. In this way, clients can fast and easily investigate the core properties in their office. ZPEC had already successfully served in Block10 and YAMAMA projects in Iraq which had received high praise from clients.

Main achievement

ZPEC Mudlogging always insists on the principle of "timely, accurate, efficient, high-quality", adheres to QHSE policy, dedicates to provide clients with first-class service to strive for greater and greater development.

1. The domestic market:

ZPEC Mudlogging has taken logging services for more than 1600 wells, from exploration wells, appraisal wells to production wells, from vertical wells, directional wells to horizontal wells in Changqing Oilfield, Yanchang Oilfield and Tarim Oilfield. ZPEC Mudlogging has gained a good reputation for service quality and attitude worldwide. Generally speaking, for all the wells ZPEC logged, the oil and gas discovery rate is 100%, coring point determined rate is 100%, the final TD accurate rate is 100%, the coincidence rate of the lithology profile is more than 85%, and the data error rate is less than 0.3%. ZPEC Mudlogging has made huge contributions to the exploration and development of oil and gas for every client, and consistently praised by clients.

2. The international market:

For many years, ZPEC Mudlogging had got many international contracts from famous international petroleum companies relying on its good reputation and excellent professional skills. Till the end of 2019, ZPEC had successfully provided mud logging services for a total of 57 wells in Badra oilfield, Rumaila oilfield, Garraf oilfield, East Baghdad oilfield, Block8, Block12 of Iraq.

Badra Oil Field, Iraq:

Company: Gazprom Neft company

Construction period: 2014 - 2018

Number of completed Wells: 20 deep Wells

Block12 oil field in Iraq

Company: Bashneft

Construction period: 2016 - 2019

Number of Wells completed: 2 exploratory Wells

Block8 Oil Field, Iraq

Company: PPLA Company of Pakistan

Construction period: 2019-2020

Number of Wells completed: 1 exploratory well

Rumaila Field, Iraq

Company: BP Oil Company

Construction period: 2018 to present

Number of completed Wells: 11 producing Wells

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