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ZPEC directional drilling department is very experienced and professional team that provides clients with comprehensive, high-precision, tailored well trajectory control, technology services, excellent wellbore which is very helpful for casing-running and cementing. Accurate rotary geosteering technology leads to efficient, cost-effective drilling optimizations to deliver optimal reservoir development solutions to our clients.

There are 56 employees, including 10 senior engineers, 31 oilfield service engineers and 11 repair and maintenance technicians. 70 percent of the employees are from international recognizable oilfield service companies. 1738 various type wells have been delivered successfully domestic and overseas since 2006.

ZPEC directional drilling department has technical research and engineering services capabilities for directional/horizontal wells, cluster wells, multilateral wells, casing sidetrack, ERD(extended reach displacement) wells, deep and ultra-deep directional / horizontal wells and slim hole directional / horizontal wells, which has formed technical features to handle the operation of highly difficult directional drilling, thin formation horizontal wells with complex faults, ultra-deep horizontal wells, geosteering, slim hole sidetracking wells, etc. 

Provided directional service in Middle East, Russia and China. Especially, East Baghdad Oilfield, Rumaila Oilfield, Garraf Oilfield, Block10 and Luk Yamama Oilfield in Iraq, as well as PetroChina, Sinopec and Yanchang Oilfield in China. ZPEC formed a more complete set of RSS /motor drill tools + MLWD (resistivity and gamma ray) high-end operation team that meets the demand of oilfield exploration and development. Achieved wide range of directional drilling services.

Professional directional drilling service team

(1) Professional and co-operative drilling engineer, directional driller, MLWD engineer, RSS engineer, repair and maintenance engineer, chief expert and technical support team provide with high quality service.

(2) Based on international oil service companies experience and the regional stratigraphic characteristics, ZPEC formed the regional operation procedures of directional drilling service in Iraq and Russia. As well as the standard operation procedures and slim hole rotary steering drilling in China.

(3) With the ability to drilling extremely difficult wells, completed a lot of cluster wells, ERD wells, horizontal wells, high temperature and high deviation wells, slim hole horizontal wells geosteering and relief wells.

(4) It can prevent and deal with complex downhole problem in advance and in time, and has the ability to effectively control well trajectory under complicated situations such as loss, kick and wellbore instability in terrestrial and Marine strata domestic and overseas.

Technical Service Capability

We rely on an experienced service team, advanced equipment and tools, to implement accurate trajectory control, and provide optimal directional / horizontal well services in a variety of environments and conditions. Directional drilling team provide services as bellows,

(1) Trajectory design, cluster well anti-collision / scanning analysis / safety operation / process monitoring.

(2) Directional drilling optimization, T & D , hydraulic analysis.

(3) MWD and LWD service.

(4) Near bit service.

(5) Rotary steerable system service.

(6) Geosteering service.

(7) Relief well service.

Service area

Professional supporting equipment

Equip with special directional / horizontal technology service complete form a complete set of tools, equipment directional well service contractor, subcontract, equipment, equipment leasing service, 4-3/4 "rotary steering system, including domestic and imported MWD, LWD (gamma + resistivity), electronic single and multipoint, gyroscope, various types of downhole drilling tools (mud motor, high torque, high power motor such as even thickness mud motor ), agitator, drilling jar, all kinds of float sub and filter sub, etc.

(1) 4-3/4”4 ¾ "rotary steerable drilling system

Rotary steerable drilling system (RSS) is a drilling technology that can continuously and realtime control trajectory, such as building, dropping, holding, inclination and azimuth adjustment. Rotary steerable drilling system is mainly composed of surface monitoring system, both-way communication system, measurement while drilling system and downhole steering. Downhole steering tool is the executing mechanism of trajectory control, and the essential of rotary steerable system is the closed-loop automatic control system integrating mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system.

Advantages of rotary steerable system

• Regular and smooth wellbore.

• Improved ROP.

• Less trips.

• Enhanced hole cleaning.

• Accuracy and flexibility of wellbore trajectory control.

• Highly extends displacement.

The 4-3/4 "AutoTrak ® is a continuous vector-controlled rotary steerable system in which the sleeve is not rotated along with the drilling sting. The hydraulic pump is switched on and off by an electrical signal, and three fully independent ribs are pushed out / pull back by hydraulic pressure to control the trajectory.

4-3/4 "AutoTrak ® has the following advantages

• Accurate trajectory with 500 vector options to adjust the curvature of the target deviation or simultaneous turn.

• In Steady Bevel mode, keep the original inclination within ±0.1 ° until the new command arrives.

• Self-diagnostic, with its own independent hydraulic system, without the impact of mud applied to the wellbore.

• Strong guiding force, each rib comes with two hydraulic devices, guiding ability is stronger.

• High interference resistance, steering ability is not affected by changes in flow rate, mud properties, and bit water hole clogging or drop.

The 4-3/4 "OnTrak™ combines MWD and LWD systems, and a single connector provides real-time directional survey, azimuthal gamma ray, multi-frequency electromagnetic resistivity, annular pressure ECD, and drilling dynamic measurement. Maximum working temperature 150°C, maximum working pressure 137 MPa.

The 4-3/4 "AZITRAK ™ Azimuthal Resistivity Tool is a formation evaluation tool with a single connector that provides real-time directional, azimuthal gamma, multi frequency electromagnetic resistivity, deep lateral azimuthal resistivity, bottom hole pressure and vibration measurements. The tool is designed to identify reservoir boundaries and provide accurate formation evaluation, with a resolution of up to 5.2 m, allowing for real-time distance from formation boundaries and apparent dip, providing the basis for optimal wellbore placement decisions to increase production in both horizontal and lateral wells and meet high requirements. Maximum working temperature 150°C, maximum working pressure 137 MPa.

There are 6 sets 4-3/4 "AutoTrak ® rotary steerable system, mainly used on land oil fields in China.

 Geosteering service in WenSu

RSS service in XinJiang

(2) Battery-powered reliable APS M/LWD (MWD+ Gamma)

· APS MWD outputs signals in the form of positive mud pulse, powered by lithium battery, adopts reliable and efficient brushless DC motor and controller, through one-way drilling fluid flow channel, and anti-interference processing, which greatly reduces the probability of signal interference and end plug, and has a strong signal decoding ability.

· APS MWD is the industry's most robust, most advanced and most leak-resistant MWD instrument.

APS MWD Pulser

SIU decoder box, IPC and Display

· Currently, we have 5 sets of 8 "and 6-3/4" APS MWD+ Gamma tools with a maximum operating temperature of 175°C and a maximum operating pressure of 137 MPa. Mainly used in Iraq. 

Directional services in Rumaila

Cluster Well Service in East Baghdad

(3)Hengtai M/LWD (MWD+ Gamma + Resistivity) of downhole Spontaneous Electricity

Hengtai wireless while drilling system (MWD/LWD) is downhole spontaneous electric (turbine), transmission of signal in the form of mud positive pulse, can collect real-time condition of the tools in the hole , directional survey, azimuth gamma, multi-frequency resistivity, annulus pressure ECD, downhole parameters such as vibration measurement, it is a MWD with collection machine, electricity, liquid and software.

HT-M/LWD system

There are 4 sets of HT-MWD 1200, HT-MWD650, HT-LWD 1200 and HT-LWD 650. Maximum working temperature 150°C, maximum working pressure 140 MPa. Major area of operation is in Iraq.

 ERD cluster well services in the Garraf oilfield

Exquisite maintenance technology
Repair & Maintenance center is located in 39th Baiyun Road, Xindu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, which is the kunlun petroleum equipment manufacturing co., LTD. (Sichuan provincial enterprise technology center) compound, including repair and maintenance workshop covers an area of 700 square meters, has imported equipment dismantling frame, instrument stands, filling machine, a full set of maintenance, test equipment such as high temperature oven. Maintenance technicians graduated from colleges and universities, after strict training and assessment of professional companies, according to international standards for MWD, LWD, rotary steering, pipe and pulse daily repair, maintenance, fault analysis and technical support, the main functions are as follows:
(1)equipment fault diagnosis, analysis and formulation of preventive measures
(2) Inspection, flaw detection, repair and maintenance of equipment
(3) MWD maintenance levels: L1, L2, L3
(4) LWD(gamma, resistivity) maintenance levels: L1, L2
(5) ATK475 rotary steerable system maintenance levels: L1, L2, L3
(6) Probe and pulser maintenance levels: L1, L2, L3

  ZPEC Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd

(1)Shackle machine(2)Lubricators(3)Workbench(4)High temperature oven(300°C)

Advanced professional software

(1)Well trajectory design, calculation and mapping software Compas

With the industry's common trajectory design, calculation and mapping software Compass, 2D/3D borehole trajectory design, survey data calculation, borehole design, anti-collision, analysis and platform optimization, to provide customers with international unified standard borehole trajectory data and graphics.

(1)COMPASS(2)Cluster wells 3D view(3)Cluster wells horizontal projection (4)Vertical profile and horizontal projection


2.Dynamic simulation and analysis software of drilling tool assembly WellPlan

WellPlan, a dynamic simulation and analysis software for downhole drilling tools commonly used in the industry, is used to simulate the friction and T&D of the BHA and conduct post-drilling regression analysis, calculate hydraulic parameters, critical speed analysis, optimize drilling parameters, avoid the occurrence of complex downhole accidents such as drilling tools fatigue, and provide technical support for safe drilling.

(1)WellPlan(2)Hydraulics Cuttings Transport Operational(3)Drilling tool force analysis diagram(4)Torque Drag Effective Tension Graph

Main achievement

Typical successful cases

Directional technical service has always pursued the service concept of "customer first", with the spirit of "iron army", overcome difficulties, has provided directional well, horizontal well, extended-reach well and other types of high-quality, on-site technical services for a lot of internationally renowned oil companies, has been highly praised by clients.

(1)ERD Cluster Wells Directional Service for Midland Oil Company in Iraq

Client: Midland Oil Company of Iraq 

Drilling time: Nov. 2017 to Oct. 2018

Drilling team: DD Team No.2

Completed wells: 3


· It’s the first time to cooperation with MdOC and IDC for drilling ERD Cluster wells in East Baghdad.

· The rig equipment is very old with high failture rate of mud pump.

· Kick off at shallow formation and lack of offset wells data.

· Communication issues due to different culture.


· 3 ERD wells are drilled by ZPEC DD, total footage is 10,113m, the deepest MD is 3,604m with well displacement @ 2,604m by using mud motor, Gyro, MLWD tools, which well trajectory controlled smoothly and target tolerance less than 1 m at TVD of 2302m.

· No more difference comparison motor BHA with RSS in build & horizontal section, the wellbore trajectory is smooth and the casing operation is once in place.

· MLWD data is all accurate and reliable, and the qualified rate of the data taken is 100%.

· The standard operating procedures for cluster well operations in Iraq have been formed.

· Completed a directional well operation procedure for safe and efficient drilling of anhydrite, pipe stuck prevention, bit balling and porous limestone formations.

· Empathy, respect for habits, all-round communication, close cooperation with multiple departments, safe and efficient operation. 

(1)Well Plan(2)DD team and clients

(2)Russian Oilfield Slim hole geosteering horizontal well for ROSNEFT

Client: NovaTek

Drilling time: Dec. 2018 to Nov. 2019

Drilling team: DD Team No.1 

Completed wells: 16

On 15th Nov. 2018, the deserted Arctic Circle was broken by ZPEC drilling rig, it’s the first time for Chinese enterprises enter the high latitude, cold and hypoxic zone for developing abundant underground oil and gas reservoirs.


· The working environment is extremely difficult. The Arctic winter polar night (wellhead 66 ° 12 'north latitude). Average temperature is -30 degree centigrade, the lowest temperature reached to -62 degree centigrade.

· Geological information shortage. Operators require use LWD with radioactive sources, while providing real-time imaging technology.

· The operation is complex and difficult. Slim hole, 3D design and the horizontal section is more than 1,500m.

· High environmental requirements. Oil-based mud, which is not allowed to pollute the arctic.

· Tight schedule. Client requires that the drilling conditions to meet within one month after signing the contract.

(1)Section view and plan (2)Novatek geosteering service

(a) United as one struggle.  As of February 27, 2019, two low temperature rigs operated simultaneously and successfully completed three horizontal Wells.
(b) In-depth exchange, comprehensive access to local information. Meeting with the geological department, humbly listen to the views of senior local experts.
(c) Optimize design, elaborate construction. Work in strict accordance with standard procedures, and strictly follow the plan.
(d) Tight organization and orderly. The drilling period was shortened 25.2 percent, the ROP was increased 12.7 percent, and the drilling encounter rate was 100 percent.
(e) Strict process measures control. No record of HSE incidents.
(f) Brave to do, Keep improving. Ensure the quality and quantity, and fulfill the contract task ahead of time.

(3) Petronas ERD Cluster Wells Directional Drilling Service
Client: Petronas   
Drilling period: Feb.2019 to now 
Drilling team: DD No.4 and No.5 
Completed wells: 13

Drilling Record

On Feb 25th. 2019, Ga-K94P was spudded by ZPEC Rig 25. And 35 directional wells were designed in WP-K. Till now, 13 wells were drilled by ZPEC DD, especially, Ga-K100P TD@4350m which is the maximum TD record in Garraf Oilfield


· Hole cleaning issue. Poor hole cleaning suffered when inclination was above 45degree, especially in long open hole.

· Hard sliding. Difficult to slide and hold the inclination in very long open hole due to high drag and hanging off issue.

· Serious Anti-collision Issue. In the deep section, EOU against the C-C distance.

· Lower ROP. T&D and SPP is very high, tools get easy to be damaged due to high shock and vibration, lower ROP.

· Differential stuck. Differential stuck in Mishrif formation.

(1)Cluster Well 3D View (2)Two Rigs operating at the same

· 13 wells were drilled by two rigs, and totally footage is 42,324.5m in WP-K.
· Make the record in Garraf Oilfield that maximum TD@ 4350m, Inclination@70.92 degree.
· ZPEC DD provided successful directional service by using HT-MLWD and Kingdream mud motor. Got two commendatory letters from Petronas due to excellent performance.
· Smooth trajectory, successfully casing running with one run in each section.
· Significantly improved ROP by 66.2 percent, the daily footage is more than 120m.

(4)Sinopec Sichuan Pen Zhou Project - RSS Service for Small Hole, Ultra-Deep, High Deviation High Temperature Directional Wells 
Client: Sinopec Southwest Oil and Gas Company  
Drilling period: from September 8th to 28th , 2019 
Drilling team: DD No.6 
Completed wells: 1

· Difficult to build and easy to drop the inclination due to fractured formation in Leikoupo.
· It is difficult to decode MLWD signal while drilling to 6573m in 6-1/2” hole section and flowrate is limited,
· Very high temperature, formation temperature up to 149.7°C, reaching the temperature limit of the tools.
· Big challenge to control trajectory in the Marine strata which is broken formation, unstable wellbore and poor hole condition.

· We successfully completed key national project and presented a tribute to the 70th anniversary in China.
· The operation was strictly follow QHSE rules on site, zero recorded accidents.
· The first time to use ATK475 rotary steerable system, we made concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties and ensure the smooth operation in 6-1/2” hole section in 4-2D well in Pengzhou. The well was completed 30 days ahead of schedule.
· The rotary steerable system provides smooth wellbore trajectories and small torque fluctuations, reducing downhole risks and providing a strong guarantee for subsequent operations such as the smooth running of the openhole packer. It also provides the case for fast drilling and efficiency improvement of the 6-1/2” hole section.
· Hit the target safely (the target radius is 3.55 meters), and the geological target is realized.
· The « rotary steerable high temperature operation procedure » is further improved, which provides reference for the next operation.

RSS Service in Pen Zhou

Directional drilling communication

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