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ZPEC Completion Department has more than 40 employees, including more than 10 international employees. Its business scope covers liner hanger, tubing running service, wellhead service, completion tools, downhole pressure guage and various operations of well completion. Relying on the most reliable completion tool manufacturer in China, Extrong (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZPEC), which provides various types of completion tools. The whole industrial chain is a closed circle of an entire industrial chain which includes design, research and development, production, processing, assembly, make up and pressure test, field running service, retrieving of running tool and maintenance.

The employees of the completion department are mainly from Halliburton, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Dril-Quip, Shell and many other well-known international oil companies or oil service companies. The team is young and active,provide a broad developing platform for endeavours.

The completion department has completed 12 international drilling and completion integrated contracting projects, provided customers with high-quality and reliable services, including Shell, Gazprom, Petronas, Lukoil, BP, Bashneft, PPL, PTT ,etc which are highly recognized by many international oil giants and lay a solid foundation for the ZPEC completion tool center.

Service area

Advantages of ZPEC Completion Department.

· We have professional and comprehensive completion technical service talents.

· We have service, repair and maintenance capabilities of various completion tools.

· We have various levels of tubing running service capabilities.

· We have various levels of wellhead installation services and maintenance capabilities.

· We have completion tools manufacturing plant.


ZPEC Completion Department Business Scope

Liner Hanger Running Service 

The completion department has a team of more than 10 field engineers for liner hanger service, responsible for the construction design, torque and drag simulation, warehouse assembly and testing, as well as field running and retrieving of running tools. Provide services for major oil and gas fields in domestic and abroad with an annual average of 50 sets. Wherever the liner hangers are sold, high-quality field services will be provided.

Completion Tool Running Service

Completion department, with first-class completion design capabilities for various complex working conditions, and field service capabilities of various completion tools to provide major oil and gas field completion technical service at domestic and abroad, establish a perfect global technical service support network and an experienced field operation service team, complete more than 200 wells completion per year. We have rich experience in permanent downhole pressure guage operation, successfully placed more than 100 sets in the CNOOC Bohai Sea and South China Sea, and more than 60 sets in the Middle East, with a success rate of 100%, which was highly recognized by the clients.

Workshop: Repair, Maintenance, Make up, Pressure Test Service Of Completion Tool
The Completion tool workshop is located around the urban area of Basra, Iraq. It mainly provides repair, maintenance, make up, pressure test and other support services for projects in Iraq. It includes various types of safety valves, packers, landing nipple, sliding sleeve, side-pocket mandrel and other tools for connection, make up, pressure test, data recording, etc.

Tubing Running Service
The members of the completion department tubing running team are mainly from Weatherford, provided tubing running servise for ConocoPhillips China, Halliburton and other well-known international oil companies and oil service companies that have rich experience in tubing running, tubing tong operation, repair and maintenance.

Installation And Maintenance Service Of Wellhead
The wellhead installation team members of the department are mainly from Cameron, GE, Drill-quip and other well-known international wellhead service companies. We have rich experience in Cameron, GE, WEIR and other wellhead installation repair and maintenance.

(Extrong) Completion tools manufacture mainly focus on production packers, safety valves, sliding sleeves and other series of completion tools;
Registered and located in Jiading District, Shanghai,China. The company provides research and development, manufacturing and technical services of downhole tools for domestic and foreign oil and gas fields. It has more than 100 patents, passed ISO9000, API Q1, API 11D1, API 14A, HSE and other system and product certifications, and has conventional and unconventional tool series , including safety valve series, production packer series, sliding sleeve series, etc., can be comstomized to a variety of special material completion tools to meet the special high difficulty and three high well control completion, etc.

Main achievement

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