ZPEC First Large Borehole Well in Iraq Rumaila Oilfield Successfully Drilled


On November 7, 2023, Well RU-581, the first large borehole directional well drilled by ZPEC Rig 35 in the Rumaila Oilfield, was successfully completed 9.12 days ahead of schedule. While demonstrating ZPECs speed and technology with its strength, it was also highly recognized by Party A.

Well Ru-581 is a Main Pay S-type production well with a designed depth of 3,392 meters and an actual completion depth of 3,378 meters, with 867 meters displacement. The designed drilling and completion period was 62.04 days and the actual drilling and completion was 52.92 days, which was 9.12 days ahead of schedule.

During drilling operations, large borehole wells have higher technical requirements for displacement, lifting systems, drilling tool performance, etc. In response to these changes, ZPEC Team formulated preventive measures in advance for risks in each link and replaced the 5.5 inch double shoulder drill strings and actively optimized the drill bits to ensure that the mechanical drilling speed and directional ability met the requirements. During the operation, they overcame the risks of shale instability and pressure differential and worked closely with the Casing Team to successfully run the production casing, ensuring excellent cementing quality in the target layer.

(ZPEC Iraq Company /Gong Xiang, ZPEC Oilfield Service/Han Lihui, Liu Zewei)​

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