F1600HL Mud Pump Successfully Ships to SINOPEC


On January 24, the F1600HL Mud Pump, designed and manufactured by Zhongman Equipment Group for SINOPEC SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., passed the factory acceptance and delivery at ZPEC’s Shanghai Lingang Base, achieving a good start in the New Year.


Zhongman Equipment Group’s F1600HL Mud Pump is powerful, compact in structure, safe, and reliable.  It is one of the company's main products and has been universally acknowledged by its customers. The mud pump project only took 30 days from the production instruction issued in mid-December to the completion of the project, creating the fastest delivery record of similar products of the company. The mud pump production process is complex and the product quality requirements are high. Under the case of tight time frames and heavy tasks, all functional departments united and cooperated.  The process was smooth, the site operation busy and orderly, showing the strong production organizational capacity and outstanding professional skills of the staff. In the final commissioning and installation stage before the shipment of the equipment, the front-line engineers and technicians carried forward the "Iron Army Spirit” that can bear hardships and fight.  They fought continuously all night to guarantee the smooth conclusion of the project.

It is knownthat the SINOPEC products are the second batch of materialsfor shipment in the contract. At present, the competition in the oilequipment manufacturing industry is furious. Providing drilling rig parts to SINOPECis also the opening of the diversified sales mode of the equipment group.


(By Equipment Group Mr. Qi Haijun)

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