ZPEC Kazakhstan Coastal Oilfield Successfully Tests First Exploratory Well


On November 16, 2023, Coastal Well 1, the first exploratory well in the ZPEC Coastal Oilfield, found good oil and gas indications after perforating, gas lift, and other construction operations. The well produced 6 cubic meters of crude oil per day. Its successful trial production provided a set of detailed and accurate data for the subsequent discovery of crude oil reserves and the comprehensive development of the next step of exploration and production work.

Well Kanbian 1 is located in the northern block of the old mineral rights of the Coastal Oilfield and is a multi-target exploratory well. The design depth of the well was 2,405 meters with a completed drilling depth of 2,417 meters. Drilling started on July 15th this year and was completed on August 24th.

After the drilling was completed, the ZPEC Coastal Team overcame difficulties such as bad weather, a short working window period, and a heavy workload. The oil testing work was completed as soon as possible and great achievements were made in logging, well logging, coring, oil testing, etc. The accurate data provided detailed and reliable first-hand information for the next step of reserve assessment and preparation of trial mining plans, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the Coastal Project. Well logging in Coastal Well 1 showed good oil and gas shows in the Cretaceous Aptian, Upper Jurassic, and Triassic, especially in the Upper Cretaceous Cenomanian. Well log interpretation the oil layer thickness reached 40.3 meters. On November 16, 2023, Coastal Well 1 perforated and inserted a screw pump to test the oil in the Upper Cretaceous Cenomanian. The oil test in the 423.9-440.0 meter well section successfully produced oil. Currently, the daily oil production is 6 cubic meters. It does not contain water and the crude oil has strong fluidity. 

At present, two other exploratory wells in the Coastal Oilfield have also completed oil testing. Among them, the Coastal Well 2 has a completion depth of 720 meters. Drilling started on August 14th and was completed on August 27th. Currently, the perforation of two layers have been completed and the well has tested with a daily oil production of 4.93 cubic meters. Coastal Well 3 was drilled to a depth of 623 meters and perforation of one section has been completed, with a daily crude oil production of 4.83 cubic meters. The company acquired 87% of Coastal Oilfield equity in 2022 and the relevant change procedures are currently in the process.

 (Central Asia Energy Company Xialiken·Dushan Khan)


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