ZPEC Rig 4 Annual Footage Breaks 40,000-Meter Mark


At 12:30 on November 1, the annual cumulative footage of ZPEC Rig 4 exceeded the 40,000-meter mark when the Hong 76-4 Well drilling depth reached 2,054 meters in the Aksu Oilfield in Xinjiang. ZPEC Rig 4 became the first drilling team to reach the 40,000-meter mark this year. 

In the afternoon of the same day, Chen Xiaorong, the General Manager of ZPEC Drilling Company and Zhu Fengxin, the Deputy General Manager of ZPEC Drilling Company and the Wensu Project Manager, made a special trip to express gratitude to ZPEC Rig 4. They warmly congratulated ZPEC Rig 4 on their historic breakthrough and awarded 20,000 yuan on behalf of the Drilling Company to encourage all employees of the team to continue to play the role of "Leader" and to make new achievements in future work.

Since ZPEC Drilling Company launched the labor competition this year, the drilling teams have been vying for the lead, chasing each other. ZPEC Rig 4 has drilled 18 wells and delivered 17 wells this year. During the construction, they continuously strengthened technical measures and strengthened their on-site management. Thus, they effectively improved drilling efficiency, lowered costs, and reduced risks, providing a strong guarantee for speed and efficiency improvements. They eventually became the first team of ZPEC Drilling Company to achieve an annual footage exceeding 40,000 meters.

(ZPEC Drilling Company/ Yu Ge, Zhang Jiantao)


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