ZPEC Presents New Products and Technologies at Abu Dhabi Petroleum Exhibition


From October 2nd to October 5th, ZPEC Group presented at the International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With various new products and technologies, ZPEC showcased its strong capabilities in equipment, engineering, and technical services to global customers, further enhancing its international brand competitiveness and influence.

At the exhibition, global petroleum companies and equipment companies launched their latest products and technologies. As an internationally renowned and leading enterprise in the industry, ZPEC focused on promoting high-end intelligent equipment and products such as ZMOR350 land automated offline drilling rig, "Jinpeng" intelligent drilling robot, "Danke" five-cylinder pump, ZPEC Kaseum pure electric tools, etc. It also showcased its comprehensive packaging service capabilities covering wellbore technologies such as well drilling, logging, recording, cementing, completion, drilling fluid, directional wells, etc.

 The exhibition was attended by market and technical backbones from various companies such as ZPEC Equipment, ZPEC Oilfield Services, Drilling Division, Gulf Company, etc. The high-end products and technologies of ZPEC Group attracted widespread attention from key customers in many countries such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, etc. During the exhibition, Senior Vice President Yao Guicheng of the Group, Vice President Li Jianbo, General Manager Li Jing of Equipment Group, Deputy General Manager Li Pengfei of the Iraq Branch, and other leaders had in-depth exchanges with key domestic and foreign clients and peer leaders and experts, actively seeking opportunities for cooperation. Zhang Yiming, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, also visited ZPEC’s exhibition stand, and had a friendly conversation with Li Jing et al. He understood the overseas development situations and characteristic business of the company, and pointed out that the mechanism of ZPEC is flexible. He recognized that ZPEC, as a private listed enterprise, has not had an easy path to develop where it is today and that its achievements are very outstanding. He hoped that ZPEC can achieve greater development on the international stage.

 During the exhibition, Li Jing told reporters that this is the second time that ZPEC Equipment Group had participated in the Abu Dhabi Exhibition. Compared to the first time, ZPEC launched more high-tech, intelligent, environmentally friendly and low-carbon products, effectively establishing ZPEC's brand image in the international market. In the next step, ZPEC Equipment will continue to launch more green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-tech and intelligent products, helping global customers achieve green and low-carbon development.

(ZPEC Text Ming Jianguo/Photo Li Pengfei)

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