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Tenge Oil and Gas field is located in the second largest oil and gas enrichment zone of oil and gas containing basin in the Republic of Kazakhstan, close to the giant oilfield, Uzen oilfield, with superior geological conditions. The development of Tenge oil and gas field is divided into two stages: one is the natural gas exploration and development stage from year 1964 to 2000. The main production layer is the X III-X VII layer in the upper part of the Middle Jurassic, which is large and the second gas field; the second is the crude oil development stage from the year 2000 and the main production layer is the X VIII - X XIII layer in the lower part, which is the primary stage with stable crude oil production and good development situation.

Production Status

At present, 79 Wells have been drilled in the Tenge Oil and Gas field, and most of them have been drilled into the target layer X VII- X XIII layer. The distribution and oil and gas content range of the oil and gas reservoirs have been basically clear. 


At present, there are 21 Wells, with a daily output of 300 tons of oil, 89,000 tons of oil annually in 2021 and 10.91 million cubic meters of gas annually. In 2022, Tenge oil and gas field will make reasonable deployment of new well position drilling and operation workload according to the requirements of the Ministry of National Energy and Mining, so as to achieve the annual benefit target.


The proved oil geological reserves of Tenge Oil and Gas Field are 65.44 million tons, and the natural gas reserves are 31.4 billion cubic meters. The extraction degree is low, and the single well output is stable. As an oil field, with good oil and gas potential and complete ground facilities, it is expected to allow medium-scale oil and gas fields to be built in the future, becoming an important cornerstone of the oil and gas upstream business of Zhongman Group.

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