Project profile

The Coatal Oil and Gas Field is located in the Zhylyoi region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near many oil fields, with relatively perfect oil and gas infrastructure, and the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline integrated with the Russian oil pipeline has also been completed, and the logistics and transportation conditions are very mature.


Coastal oil field was discovered in 1975: from 1975 to 1977, a total of 15 exploration wells were drilled, and many wells have been tested for oil and gas discoveries, but at that time, the thick oil development technology was not developed, and the oil field has been sealed and not put into development.

Production status

The local oil and gas resources are rich, the upper Cretaceous target layer has been basically proved, and the concept development plan has been prepared. The exploration and development license area is 18.2 km2; the development permit extends to the bottom of the Cretaceous until the end of 2038; the permitted exploration depth is to the Paleozoic. Depending on exploration and development potential, the license area may be extended to 85 km2. In 1987, it was included in the national reserve balance sheet, and the petroleum geological reserves of C1 + C2 are 33.997 million tons, and the recoverable reserves are 6.799 million tons.


The current plan on the Coatal is only based on the north block, while the south block has larger reserves in the reported national reserve balance sheet than the north block, and the south fast G-2 well is the highest test production drilled, and the other 85 km is expected to find new potential in the south block or deeper after the completion of the 3D earthquake.

Location diagram of the Coatal Oil Field area

Position map of Coatal Oil Field

Reserve identification conclusion issued by Kazakhstan National Mineral Reserves Commission

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