Mud Pump

一.F series Mud Pump

F Series mud pumps have a longer stroke and can work in lower stroke to prolong liquid end service life.

The pump set can be equipped upon clients requests (AC drive, DC drive, diesel engine drive, direct drive,etc)

Advantages:The consumer spare parts has advantages of good compatibility such as Liner, Piston, Valve Body, Seast and etc.

二.P-2200 Mud Pump


(1) Large displacement, high pressure and wide applicable range.

(2) Even and stable flow, little pressure fluctuation, and little vibration.

(3) L style cylinder makes it easy to replace valves, valve seats, and other parts. The suction valves can be disassembled for repair independently. It is easy for maintenance and repair.


(1) Forged crankshaft with higher reliability.

(2) Double clamp structure, easy to replace the piston and piston rod.

(3) Pump set could be equipped as per clients request (AC drive, DC drive)

三.ZMF-2200  Five-Cylinder Mud Pump


1. High pump pressure and large discharge capacity: higher pumping capacity and larger discharge capacity than the traditional three-cylinder mud pump, which can deliver more pressure and mud to the bottom of the well during drilling. Thereby increasing the rate of penetration.

2. Light weight and small size: The pump has lighter weight and smaller volume than the traditional three-cylinder F2200HL mud pump. It is suitable for small drilling area, such as offshore platforms.

3. Small fluctuations and smoother pulses: lower pulse and smaller fluctuations than conventional three-cylinder mud pumps.

4. High reliability: Four sets of main bearing design, two more main bearings than traditional three-cylinder mud pump. Thus reducing bearing load and improving reliability.

5. Convenient Maintenance: reasonable structural design, easy to maintain. The wear parts of the fluid end are interchangeable with the ones of 1600HL pump.

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