Well 408 in Tenge Oilfield Spuds in Successfully by ZPEC Rig 38 Team


At 7:00 pm on December 22, Kazakhstan local time, Well 408 in Tenge Oilfield, drilled by ZPEC Rig 38 Team, successfully passed the joint spud acceptance, which was organized by the Kazakhstan government’s Emergency, Safety, Well Control Committees, etc. and Party A TOG. The well was successfully drilled in the ice and snow at minus 15, which kicked off the prelude to the Kazakhstan Tenge Battle amidst the roar of the drilling rig.


Mr. Ahemaiti, the Deputy General Manager of TOG , Mr. Ismaili, the Drilling Director of TOG, Mr. Sha Beiti the Production and Operation Manager of TOG, Mr. Qi Wantao, the General Manager of ZPEC, and all the staff of Rig 38 Team attended the spud in ceremony.


Well 408 in Tenge Oilfield is a production well with a design depth of 2,450 meters and a design drilling period of 85 days. During the relocation and installation period, ZPEC Rig 38 Team overcame many difficulties and completed the relocation of the drilling rig as quickly as possible. It was installed and commissioned very quickly and passed the pre-drilling inspection of Party A and relevant government agencies.


Mr.Ahmaiti expressed the hope that in the days to come, the two sides would share the joys and sorrows in the development of the Tenge Oilfield and make their respective contributions to the development and construction of the oilfield. Subsequently, Mr. Qi Wantao introduced the overall situation of ZPEC PETRO Company, saying that the development of Tenge Oilfield was the common hope of everyone. As an international team, ZPEC would lead the team to carry out safe, efficient, and scientific drilling, and make a contribution to the development and production increase of Tenge Oilfield in 2023.


Tenge Oilfield is located in the southwest of Kazakhstan, about 150km east of Aktau City. The oilfield is only 9km away from Uzin Oilfield, the largest oilfield in the country. According to the latest reserve assessment report, the estimated 2P geological reserves of crude oil in Tenge Oilfield are 64.414 million tons, the economically recoverable 2P crude oil reserves are 5.9528 million tons, and the 2P natural gas geological reserves are 21.8 billion cubic meters.

 ZPEC Group is currently further accelerating the layout of overseas upstream industries. According to the production capacity construction deployment, in addition to the drilling of ZPEC Rig 38 Team, in 2023, ZPEC Group will invest 6 drilling rigs as soon as possible in the Tenge Oilfield to speed up drilling operations and increase production capacity.

 (Text/Hao Donglei Photo/Han Weiqi)

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