Mr. Maimaiti Naimati, Deputy Director of the Working Committee of the CPPCC in Aksu Region, and His Entourage Visit ZPEC (Aksu) Oil & Gas Company


On December 31, 2022, Mr. Maimaiti Naimati, the Deputy Director of the CPPCC Working Committee in Aksu Area, Xinjiang Province, and his team came to ZPEC ( Aksu) Oil & Gas Company to inspect and guide the safety production work of ZPEC Aksu Oilfield. As a result of the visit, ZPEC was required to take multiple measures to build a solid line of defense in production safety for this winter and next spring in order to ensure the implementation of various tasks in production safety. Mr. Huang Zhenjun, the Secretary of the Wensu County Party Committee, Mr. Wang Kegong, the Director of the Regional Oil Field Service Coordination Center, Mr. Xu Jiang, the Member of the Standing Committee of the Wensu County Party Committee and Deputy County, attended the discussion and inspection.


At the meeting, Mr. Chen Bogui, the Safety Director of ZPEC (Aksu) Oil & Gas Company Safety Management Department, reported the ZPEC’s work on studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety, the fulfillment of responsibilities by the main body of production safety, the epidemic prevention and control, and maintenance of stability. After listening to the report, Mr. Naimati affirmed ZPEC's work in safety production and epidemic prevention and control. He emphasized that safe production is related to the safety of people's lives and properties, and that everyone must always be persistent and keep ringing the alarm bell. He added that ZPEC must always tighten the string of safe production, do solid work on safe production, and combine the characteristics of safe production in winter. To conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility, ZPEC must pay close attention to areas and parts with weak foundations, hidden dangers and problems, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents in the bud, and ensure that the safety production situation is stable and orderly.


After the symposium, Mr. Maimati Naimati and his entourage came to Zhongman Aksu Oilfield Wen 18 Platform and Wen 7 Oil Production Well Station, the construction site of the United Station, and other key places to conduct safety production inspections.

ZPEC Oil & Gas Department/ Shang Zhigang

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