The Zhongman TDS Family Adds A New Members


On May 20th, Zhongman TDS (Top Drive System) Series new product, the TDS-200 direct drive TDS achieved a breakthrough and officially delivered at the Chengdu base. It was loaded and shipped to Saudi Arabia, marking another gratifying step for  the company's independent innovation of high-tech products.

Since the launch of the TDS-200 top drive project, the leaders and the front-line staff at the Chengdu Base gave up their holidays and fully engaged in the new product project. The R & D Department carefully designed the TDS and coordinated the outsourcing procurement of materials.  The Production Department worked overtime to catch up with the new schedule. The Project Team installed and debugged day and night, while the Quality Department strictly performed QA/QC, and the Electronic Control Department went all out to do a good job in the design, manufacturing, and installation of the electrical parts. Everyone cooperated closely, united as one, overcame many difficulties, and successfully completed the first TDS-200 unit. The top drive was manufactured and reached the mass production conditions goal. 

It is understood that the TDS-200 Direct Drive TDS is another high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights. It was launched by the company after the TDS-500, TDS-275, TDS-250.  Compared with the traditional electric drive top drive, the new unit is simpler with lower noise and no lubrication system is required.  This saves costs and, at the same time, can greatly improve drilling efficiency. 

(by Ms. Wang Xiaohong, Ms. Sun Shanmei. Zhongman Kunlun Equipment)

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