ZPEC Wins "Sample Enterprise of China's Foreign Trade Export Pilot Index" Title


Recently, ZPEC was awarded the title of "Sample Enterprise of China's Foreign Trade Export Pilot Index" by the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China. A total of 3,118 enterprises in China were chosen for this index, of which 274 enterprises under the authority of Shanghai Customs were selected.  This shows that the Group has played a good demonstration role for similar enterprises in the standardization, credibility, and scale of foreign trade exports.


In recent years, ZPEC has vigorously implemented its international development strategy by actively participating in the national "Belt and Road" initiative, making remarkable achievements in drilling engineering services, petroleum equipment sales, and driving the export of domestic materials, while established the Zhongman brand in the international oil service market by demonstrating its unique competitive advantage.


Zhongman has a leading warehouse management system in China. The products entering and exiting the warehouse are standardized and fast, and the export materials in all links are clear. Before declaring each export business, the Group's Logistics Department has completed true, accurate, and standardized and complete all the data in the import and export documents. In the process of handling export procedures, the management of various customs clearance affairs has been professionalized, refined and standardized, ensuring that the goods can be quickly cleared. Due to strict and standardized management, the company has accumulated a good reputation in the national customs system.


It is understood that China's foreign trade export leading index (China Export Leading Indicator, abbreviated as ELI) consists of 10 sub-statistical indicators. Several indicators, such as "New Export Order Index", "Export Manager Confidence Index" and "Export Enterprise Comprehensive Cost Change Index", are known as the "barometer" of foreign trade exports, which plays an important role in strengthening the analysis of the export situation and serving China's economic and social development.


(By Ms. Nie Ruiqi, Group Logistics Department).

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