Top Drive

The TDS Series Top Drive System is a high-tech product manufactured under ZPEC’s intellectual-property rights, integrated with mechanic, electrical, and hydraulic subsystems. The TDS fully satisfies the user's operational requirements during the drilling process. It is dedicatedly designed and manufactured according to high standards and has the following features: reliable function, unique structure, perfect performance, convenient maintenance, available for low-temperature working environment. The design capability of the bearing components meets API 8C PSL SR2 regulations. The TDS is suitable for drilling of deep wells, multilateral wells, and horizontal wells under complicated geographical conditions.

• Frontal placement of high efficiency AC frequency conversion motor, specialized meshing structure, and high-speed connection of gear box adopted for quick installation.  

• Gear box and bearing parts made with premium grade steel satisfying API 8C PSL SR2 low-temperature working conditions.

• Dual-clamp back tong driven by dual cylinder offering even clamping surface, wide range clamping, and reliable easy makeup/breakdown, significantly improves service life for tong tooth.

• Lift mechanism combined short-triangle supporting bail with vertical bail and the balance system integrated into thebail, thus reducing the stress on bail and no divided axial force on shaft.

• Dual rack/gear execution mechanism of IBOP being evenly loaded and reliable action. Dedicated low-abrasion torque valve elements improves product life.

• Independent balance system realizing jump-release for TDS body separately, and available for varieties of hooks and traveling blocks.

• Main motor with no axial load under direct and reverse rotation, thus, improving the reliability and product life of the bearing of motor.

• Speed torque control drilling system and soft torque identification build in TDS’s VFD control system.

• Hydraulic System integrated inside main body which reduce the capability of pollution and enhance the reliability.

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