AC variable frequency driving electrical control system

Models: ZJ30/1700DB ZJ40/2250DB ZJ50/3150DB ZJ70/4500DB ZJ90/5850DB

Product Description:

2,000m – 9,000m electrical control system for AC variable frequency transmission consists of the digital, ABB/Siemens AC variable frequency driver, the auto driller system based on the PID technology, the stable Siemens PLC control technology, the GCS/GDK MCC control cabinet, the integrated monitoring system, the integrated operation interface, the remote diagnosis system, the standard house design, the human-friendly cooling air channel and digital/analog generator control system. The whole system is stable and reliable.

●Intelligent anti-bump technology, constant pressure difference auto-drilling technology, soft-pump function of the mud pump and protection of pumping pressure.      

●Soft-torque of rotary table and torque slow release function for rotary table

●Adopt dynamic braking technology, with high control accuracy


● Single-handle operation of the drawworks, free reversal of forward and reverse directions, which can realize hovering, which is convenient for the driller's operation


● Integrated monitoring system and remote diagnosis system, redundant design improves the reliability of the system.

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