Power Distribution System

The company has introduced the engineers with the well electricity design experience for more than 30 years established its well electricity design and construction teams and establishes a series of enterprise standards and the stable supplier channel in compliance with the standard requirements of API RP500 and GB3836, effectively guaranteeing the quality of well field power distribution system

●     The motors of 30kW and above adopt the mode of remote startup at two places and the motors of 30kW below adopt the mode of direct power supply

●     The draught fan of the motor adopts the two modes of manual and automatic startup

●     Lighting power

Control mode

1. AC motor with a capacity of more than 30kW (30kW excluded) is centrally controlled in MCC/SCR room, power supplied individually and started at two places (the starter is located in the MCC/SCR room of electronic control manufacturer) and only the control switch is provided beside the motor

2.AC motor with a capacity of 30kW and below (30kW included) adopts the subarea supply and the stirrer is controlled jointly by the flame-proof type power supply box and the flame-proof type magnetic starter. The flame-proof type magnetic starter is installed at the face of the tank and its control button can be mechanically locked.   The flame-proof type power supply box and the flame-proof type junction box are installed on both ends of the tank and the lighting is controlled in the flame-proof type power supply box and sourced by power supply.

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