Electric Driving instead of Oil Driving

Generally, the domestic mechanical / combination drive drilling rigs in service are driven in parallel by 3~4 diesel generators and the electric drilling rigs are driven by the synchronized 3~4 diesel generators. As the rise of oil price, the drilling cost is higher; besides, the diesel generators are complex in structure, easy to breakdown and large in maintenance quantity, the mechanical drilling rigs are failed to realize the stepless speed regulation and poor in technical performance, failing to better meet the technological requirements of low pump stroke, small displacement, well cementation and grouting. We have developed the program of changing oil into electricity for mechanical / combination and electric drilling rigs. The SVG static reactive generation device is used and the 35kV or 10kV (6kV) power grid in the oil field area is adopted to provide power to the drilling rig, truly realizing the green drilling with zero emission.

· Reduce the running, emission, dripping and leakage, reduce the environmental pollution and noise and improve the operating environment

· Realize the stepless speed regulation and the simpler and more convenient operation and better meet the special technological requirement of drilling

· Effectively reduce the “Flickering” in drilling and reduce the drilling accident rate

· Adopt the currently most advanced active and reactive compensation technique core (SVG) to realize the stable and reliable product

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