Rig Automation System

Drilling rig pipe automation products are automatically controlled by the rig integrated control system to realize the automation of pipe transportation in the process of drilling, tripping, and casing running, so as to reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the deployment of drilling crews, improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operation risks. Drilling rig pipe automation products are mainly composed of automatic catwalks, drill floor iron drillers, and pipe handling device on monkey board.

Automatic Catwalk

The Auto Catwalk is used for transportation of tubulars from the pipe rack area to the drill floor. It has the function of automatic lifting and lowering the drill string. The auto catwalk can be applied to various models of land rigs according to the requirements of clients.

Auto Catwalk - Raised by air winch

It mainly consists of the main body of the catwalk, hydraulic system, and electric control system. The main body of the auto catwalk includes ramp, support, catwalk base, drill string sending device, and dual action air winch.

Auto Catwalk - Raised by Hydraulic Cylinders

It mainly consists of the base, front arm, rear arm, drill string support, skate, hydraulic system, and electric control system.

Different with other auto catwalks, this type of auto catwalk can transmit two or several drill strings once, improving the transportation efficiency greatly. It does not need to be connected to the drill floor when working, so that it is easy to be assembled and disassembled.

ZMT120 Iron Roughneck

The Iron Roughneck is the most advanced tool presently for making up and breaking down of pipes. ZMT120 is specially developed for 5000m ~ 9000m rig. It has a wireless remote control mode and a remote wired operation box control mode and is equipped with a hydraulic handle for repair and emergency operation. The jaw positions are precise and are with the function of multi-position selection. The make-up torque is digitally set and displayed, which can realize precise torque control. The clamping force can be regulated to protect the thread to the largest extent. The spinning wrench has an independent lifting and lowering fuction to enable the equipment to handle special tools.

Pipe Range

3 1/2  10 in

89-254 mm

Max. Make-up Torque

120,000 ft.lbs

162,000 N.m

Max. Break-out Torque

120,000 ft.lbs

162,000 N.m

Make-up/Break-out Degree

60 deg

60 deg

Make-up Torque(5’’ DP)

3000 ft.lbs

4,000 N.m

Break-out Torque(5’’ DP)

80 rpm

80 rpm

Spinner vertical stroke

23.6 in

600 mm

Max. working Dia.

148 in

3.7 m

Vertical Travel

37.4 in

950 mm

Hydraulic System Pressure

3000 psi

21 MPa

Hydraulic System Flow rate

31 gpm

120 lpm


70×55×99 in3

1781390×2510 mm3


5.3 mT

11700 lb

Pipe Handler on monkey board

The pipe handling devices on monkey board are divided into clamping type pipe handling device and supporting type pipe handling device

(1)Clamping type pipe handling device 

ZPEC pipe handling device on monkey board adopts innovative technologies, which is applicable for the transportation, racking and storage of drill strings from the wellhead center to the finger beams during the operation of drilling rigs and workover rigs. Working together with the auto catwalk, iron roughneck and hydraulic elevator, it can realize the automatic drilling operation.

(2)Supporting type pipe handling device

According to the mast structure and structure of the hoisting equipment of the drilling rig, the auto handling of three-pipe stand can be realized through the pipe handler on monkey board. It can work together with the top drive during the trip to move the stand from the wellhead to the setback box on the drill floor for placement as order or move the stand from the setback to the wellhead center as order. The equipment integrates the control of electricity, air and liquid, with the feature of high automation and good reliability, which can replace the derrickman on the monkey board.

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