Drilling Rig Control System

(1)Driller's cabin

The driller's cabin is designed and manufactured according to the general techncial requirements of the drilling (workover) rigs, and it integrates the control system and display system. According to the process of the equipment manufacture, the application software of human machine interface is developed, realizing the the control function of integrate control of drilling operation and pipe transportation operation, optimizing the internal structure and layout of the room, reducing the labor strength of the driller, and improving the production efficiency.  

The designed ambient temperature for operation is -45℃~+55℃. Each system and equipment can be designed according to the opeartion conditions of the customers, making the drilling rigs are applicable to harsh conditions including high temperature, low temperature, desert and rain.


• The basic parameters and general design conform to GB/T 23505 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Petroleum drilling and workover rigs.

• It integrates the integrate control system of the automation equipment.

• It integrates the control fuctions of drilling operation and pipe transportation operation.

• Customized design, which can fully meet the specific funciton requirments of the users, to provide an integrate solution for users.

(2) Instrumentation  

The Instrument System is a new generation drilling monitoring instrument for data acquisition, display, analysis, and storage on drilling site. It is touch screen capable for all parameters. The driller can operate conveniently through the touch screen. The Instrument System possesses a user-friendly interface, which can display various drilling parameters such as digital, curves, and instrumentation as clients’ demand. It uses a database to store data, by which the complete data is easy to search, inquire, and analyze afterwards. A LAN connection is used to transmit data between numbers of drilling site remote terminals and the drilling floor display so that the field work situation can be easily monitored from the manager’s office and the monitor room. 

(3)Industrial Monitoring System

The front end of the industrial monitoring system adopts ex-proof zoom camera, connected with a complex cable, which is easy to installed and removed. PTZ camera makes the operator have an unlimited view of the local environment.


• Monitoring for drawworks, mud pumps, monkey board, crown block, and other components are realized through the industrial monitoring system.  

• Pictures can be shifted between multi-screen and single screen with the keyboard. The aperture, zoom, and focus of the ex-proof camera lens can be adjusted. The up, down, left, and right directions of the ex-proof PTZ can be controlled.

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