Customized Drilling Rig

ZPEC can provide customized drilling rigs according to the customers’ requirements.

Successful case:Hydraulic Cluster Drilling Rigs

According to the special needs from the world's second largest oil company Royal Dutch Shell Group, the customized hydraulic cluster drilling rig is developed. The mast and substructure of the cluster drilling rigs are lifted by hydraulic cylinders. The transportation modules of the rig main part is reduced, that the transportation modules for mast is 5 and for substructure is 4. The main part of the drilling rig is installed on the guide rail foundation. Pushed by the hydraulic cylinders, the rig can be moved between wells in a single row. The average moving time between wells is about 8-12 hours, so that the moving efficiency and equipment safety is improved greatly, meeting the drilling needs of the cluster wells.

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