Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Product Features

· Power system utilizes international famous engines and hydraulic transmission boxes.

· The mast is front-open and two-section telescopic front-inclined type, which is hydraulic lifted and telescopied; It adopts common ground-anchored guylines or self-guylines.

· The drill floor is two-part telescopic type or adopts parallelogram structure, which is easy for transportation and lifting. The floor size and height can be designed as customers' requirements.

· The main drum is Lebus grooved. The main brake utilizes band brake or hydraulic disc brake, and the auxiliary brake utilizes pneumatic water-cooling disc brake. The bailing drum can be equipped optionally.

· Chassis driven via power take-off box from truck engine, adopting excellent off-road heavy-duty wide axle, low section tires, high strength beams, hydraulic steering gear, dual brake system. It can adapt to complicated oilfield conditions with longer service life.

· The rig is designed and manufactured in compliance with HSE regulations and API specifications.

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