Trailer-mounted Drilling Rig

The Drilling Rig is divided into three moving units: the drilling rig, mud pump devices, and the power system. Each unit can be moved by motor tractors through the matching trailer mounted unit. Thus, greatly saving the costs of manpower, materials, and time.

Product Features:

· It can meet the requirements of fast moving

· Various types (horsepower) of rig trailer can be customized to realize the moving of mast and substructure indepently, as well as the rig main body moving with mast rig up.

· It integrates the rig mast, substructure, drawworks, BOP remote control cabinet, hydraulic station and electric rope guide machine into one trailer, which is a new generation design of fast moving rig in China with features of reducing trailer module, high integration and high-effective rig moving time. 

· The generator set, VFD room, mud pump set and diesel tank can be moved with little dissemble work, which is significant to reduces the operation time of disassembly, assembly and transportation between well sites. The drilling rig has fewer modules, high efficiency on transportation and reliable quality.

· 2-3 sets of electric mud pump sets can be transported on one trailer, while one single set of diesel engine driven pump set can be transported on one trailer.

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