Land Drilling Rigs

(1)Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

ZPEC can design and manufacture mechanic and electric land drilling rigs with drilling depth of 3000-9000m (750-3000HP).

The masts and substructures of the drilling rigs are divided into double elevating type, once-raised type, continuous lifting type, bootstrap type, telescopic type, vertical lifting type, box on box type and derrick type, for option of users.

The drawworks can be conventional chain transmission drawworks, or advanced gear transmission drawworks. The auto driller is also for option.

Full digital electrical control system of the drilling rigs has DC and VFD types, any of which can realize the dynamic braking with full torque. The advanced data communication system can realize the remote monitoring function, to improve the efficiency of drilling monitoring and after-sale services.

The drilling rigs are designed and manufactured as API specifications, and the entire design meet the HSE requirements.

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