Highlight Moment
  • 2021.01.01:The ZB-487 Well of Iraq Zubai oil area drilled by the Zhongman Rig 27 was completed and officially handed over to the Party A 9 days earlier than the originally-prognosed completion date. This achievement has broken the fastest construction record of Zubai oilfield again. Thus Zhongman was highly praised by Halliburton, Party A.
  • 2021.01.20: ZPEC was awarded the second batch of "Private Enterprise Headquarters" and also attended the ceremony as an appointed representative of the headquarters of 34 private enterprises in Pudong New Area.ate enterprises in Pudong New Area.
  • 2020.11.06: The Zhongman Mahu Project Department and Rig 11 were awarded as "Outstanding Contribution Unit in 2020" and "Outstanding Contribution Award for Speed Raising and Efficiency Improvement" by Party A, West Drilling Karamay Drilling Company respectively. This has led Zhongman to be the only private enterprises among the participating units of Mahu Oilfield to win this award.
  • 2020.11.21: Rig 7 was awarded the "Mahu Oilfield Outstanding Contribution Award" by the Oilfield Company for purpose of encouragement.The excellent performance of the Zhongman Yan'an Drilling Project has been highly praised and acknowledged by Party A and the local government.
  • The excellent performance of the Yan'an Drilling project has been highly evaluated and affirmed by Party A and the local government.
  • 2019.01.01: Both Kuwait Energy (KEIL), the operator of the Zhongman SIBA Project and Party A Schlumberger (Schlumberger) Supervision jointly awarded the collective certificates of honor to the Rig 23 Crew to Team Rig 23
  • 2019.09.12: The Zhongman Equipment Group Kunlun Company was officially awarded "Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation" by Chengdu Association of Science and Technology, Organization Department of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, Chengdu Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Chengdu Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce
  • 2019.10.26: The Mahu Project Department of Xinjiang Oilfield awarded medals and Letters for Praising to both Zhongman Rig 7 and Zhongman Rig 36
  • 2019.12.29: The Rig 25 of Zhongman Petronas Project was awarded the honor by Petronas Garraf Oilfield of Party A
  • 2018.04.15: Mr Dmitry Korothkikh, Drilling Safety Director of Gazprom Badra Project, made a dedicated trip to the Zhongman Base and also awarded a special reward to Mr Zhu Deyi, Safety Superintendent of Zhongman Gazprom Project, on behalf of the Gazprom Badra Project
  • 2018.05.27: The representatives of Zhongman Egypt Company participated in the Ramadan charity activity that was hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of the Chinese Embassy of Egypt and the Egyptian Common Development Association of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt
  • 2018.05.31: The Party A, Yanchang No.1 Petroleum and Gas Mining Plant, awarded the honorary title of Ace Drilling Rig to the Rig 12 and also awarded a pennant to praise for the excellent working style of Rig 12 that the Rig 12 crew had courage to face hardship and challenge difficulties.
  • 2018.06.05: The Well P01 completion work undertaken by Zhongman Completion Division was commended by Party A.
  • 2018.08.12: Mr Ali Mohamed, Supervisor of Majnoon Oil Field, Iraq, had a dedicated trip to Zhongman Rig 29 for purpose of awarding the certificate to Mr Song Erhui, Security Officer of Zhongman Rig 29, on behalf of the Safety Department of the oil field
  • 2018.09.08, Mr Lv Biwen, Safety Officer of Zhongman Rig 23, was awarded the honor by Mr Drain Pinchok, Drilling Director of Kuwait Energy SIBA Project (Party A)
  • 2018.09.16: Mr Zheng Hongdi, Captain of Zhongman Rig 22 in the SIBA Project, was awarded the honor by Party A
  • 2018.09.23: East Baghdad Project MdOC commended the Zhongman Cementing for its outstanding performance in recent years and also praised that the Zhongman Cementing was the best cementing team they had ever seen.
  • 2018.09.23: Mr Frederic Caillat, Project Manager of Schlumberger IDS Region of Party A, delegated the Onsite Drilling Supervisor Mr Sergeo Comarin to issue a Letter for Praising to the Zhongman Rig 23
  • 2018.09.28: Mr Wang Zhiqin, the Internship Safety Officer of SIBA Project Rig 22, was commended by Party A
  • 2018.11.20: Mr Saad Hassen, the Party A Kuwait Energy (KEC) SIBA Drilling Supervision issued certificates to Mr Li Peishui (Zhangman Rig 23 Fleet Manager), Mr Zheng Hongdi (Captain of Zhongman Rig 23) and Mr Wang Zhiqin (Safety Officer of Zhongman Rig 23) respectively. He also praised that all workers of Rig 23 had achieved excellent performance in the SIBA Project
  • 2018.12.06: Mr Song Erhui, Safety Officer Zhongman Rig 29, won an award issued by Party A again
  • 2017.01.11: MDOC Letter of Thanks to Gazprom Project (Arabic)
  • 2017.01.11: MDOC Letter of Thanks to Gazprom Project (English)
  • 2017.01.15: Letter of Thanks from MDOC, Party A
  • 2017.05.17: Zhongman Rig 16 was commended by Party A for acknowledgement that Zhongman Rig 16 had achieved the safety milestone of no incidents for more than 1000 days in Gazprom Project
  • 2017.08.02: Zhongman Rig 26 was awarded by Party A for acknowledgement that Zhongman Rig 26 had achieved the milestone of non-destructive working hours for 3 years
  • 2017.12.03: Mr Shi Siyuan, Drilling Fluid Engineer of Gazprom Project, was awarded by Party A
  • 2016.06.25: Party A Gazprom commended Zhongman for acknowledgement that Zhongman had completed the P07 in the Phase II contract and three wells in the previous Phase I contract in high quality and efficiency.
  • 2016.06.29: Mr Chen Xiaorong, Manager of Zhongman Rig 26, was praised by Gazprom Party A for his outstanding safety management
  • 2016.07.02: 11 employees of Zhongman Rig 19 was collectively commended by Party A Gazprom
  • 2016.10.07: In the "Safety and Green Camp" competition organized by Gazprom Party A and participated by ten contractors, ZPEC Barbara Project won the champion title
  • 2016.11.19: Owing to excellent performance on standardized management in Party A Gazprom’s Safety Week, Zhongman Rig 20 was awarded by Party A
  • 2016.12.17: Zhongman Rig 19 was awarded a magnificent award by Gazprom Party A for successfully holding a comprehensive safety drill
  • 2015.02.22: Zhongman Rig 22 reached a 1,000-day safe production record and obtained the Luk and Baker awards
  • 2015.05.11: Peter (Safety Director of Gazprom Party A), on behalf of Gazprom, commended Zhongman Rig 20 for the milestone of no accident throughout the year
  • 2015.05.21: ZPEC Petronas Project was awarded the "Honorary Certificate of 500,000 Manhours Safety Production" by Party A
  • 2015.07.28: Mr Fiadh Al Naama (Deputy Minister of Oil Ministry) accompanied by Mr Sergei Karavaev (President of Gazprom Overseas Project), and local government officers had a wellsite visit on the Zhongman Rig 26 and also appreciated the performance achieved by Gazprom and ZPEC in the Badra oil fieldverseas project, and local government officials, visited the Rig 26 well site and appreciated the achievements of Gazprom and ZPEC in the Badra oil field
  • 2015.09.15: Mr Zhang Shouliang, Driller of Zhongman Rig 21 was obtained a special award from Baker Party A
  • 2015.12.02: The 1000HP trucked rig with independent suspension developed by Zhongman Kunlun Company won the Science and Technology Progress Award awarded by Chengdu Municipal Governmentnd Technology Progress Award awarded by Chengdu Municipal Government
  • 2014.05.22: Zhongman Rig 23 refreshed 8 drilling indicators in the construction of well WQ2-197. As such, Zhongman Rig 23 won the best drilling Rig in West Querna Oilfield
  • 2014.10.10: Waley (Onsite Drilling Superintendent of Party A of Gazprom Project) presented an award to Mr Sui Jianbo (Driller of Zhongman Rig 26) for acknowledgement of his excellent performance in the construction of Well P-08
  • 2013.03.23: Mr Wu Hongqun (Driller of Zhongman Rig 22) was awarded the certificate of "Excellent Safety Officer" by the Baker Hughes Iraq Project Managerker Hughes Iraq Project Manager
  • 2013.03.28: Mr. HAMEED (Baker Hughes Iraq Project HSE Superintendent) visited Zhongman Rig 23 and presented certificates of honor and prizes to the best STOP card employees Assad and Li Chunle
  • 2013.03.28: Mr. HAMEED (Baker Hughes Iraq Project HSE Superintendent) visited Zhongman Rig 23 and presented certificates of honor and prizes to the best STOP card employees Assad and Li Chunle 2
  • 2013.05.22: Luk Oil Company on behalf of Party A awarded the banner of "The Foremost Drilling Crew" (First-class Drilling Rig of West Querna Oil Field) at well Site 7 and also awarded prizes and souvenirs at wellsite
  • 2013.06.13: ZPEC won the Import and Export Ranking Certificate issued by Shanghai Association of Import and Export Commerce
  • 2013.10.20: RADOANE (Safety Superintendent of Luk Oil of Party A) sent a Letter of Thanks for appreciation of the achievements of Zhongman Rig 25 since Zhongman Rig 25 commenced drilling operations
  • 2012.03.15: Well F4 of Yada Project constructed by Zhongman Rig 20 won the first prize of SINOPEC Overseas Drilling High Quality Project in 2011
  • 2012.03.16: Party A Yada Project of SINOPEC International Petroleum Exploration and Development Co., Ltd. fully acknowledged the strength of Zhongman Rig 19
  • 2012.06.28: Gan-Shaanxi Headquarters of North China Petroleum Bureau of SINOPEC commended the Well HH37P60 constructed by Zhongman Rig 14. Zhongman Rig 14 also won the "Well Construction Cycle Award" and the prize of RMB 210,800 Yuan awarded by Party A
  • 2012.07.04: Zhongman Rig 15 was rated as a drilling Rig with free spud-in check by Gansu-Shaanxi Petroleum Battle Headquarters of North China Branch of SINOPEC. As such Zhongman Rig 15 became the first construction Rig to obtain the qualification in Party A's working area in 2012
  • 2012.07.09: During the June safety review organized by Party A Baker Hughes Company, Mr Lei Guirong (a mud worker from Rig 22 of ZPEC Iraq Project) was awarded the best monthly employee - "SAFETY OF THE MONTH" and was also awarded the rewards of US$100C Iraq Project, was awarded the monthly employee: "SAFETY OF THE MONTH" and awarded $100
  • 2012.10.08: Zhongman Drilling was rated as the cooperative unit of "Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Creditability" by the Seventh Oil Production Plant of Changqing Oilfieldduction Plant of Changqing Oilfield
  • 2011.02: The drilling company was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Unit to the Production Capacity Construction of the Seventh Oil Production Plant in 2010"
  • 2011.11: Zhongman Rig 5 and Rig 17 were awarded by Party A in Changqing Oilfield 1
  • 2011.11: Zhongman Rig 5 and Rig 17 were awarded by Party A in Changqing Oilfield 2

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