Project Overview

Tenge oil and gas field is located at the rich-hydrocarbon zones in the second largest petroliferous basin in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This field is very close to the giant oilfield - Uzen Oilfield, which has advantageous geological conditions. The development of Tenge oil and gas field has been divided into two phases: Phase 1 - focused on the natural gas exploration and development during the period from 1964 to 2000. The main purpose of Phase 1 was to produce natural gas reserves in the reservoir interval between Layer X III and Layer X XII in the upper Middle Jurassic. Its gas production was very significant, which made the Tenge Field become the second largest gas field in Kazakhstan at that time; Phase 2 - being concentrating on oil development and production from 2000 onwards. The main target of Phase 2 is to produce oil reserves in the reservoir interval between Layer X VIII and Layer X XIII in the lower Middle Jurassic. Presently it is at the primary oil development stage that oil production is stable under a very good development situation.

Production Status

Currently 79 wells have been drilled in the Tenge Oil and Gas field and most of these wells have encountered the target reservoir interval from Layer X VII to Layer X XIII. The layer distribution and hydrocarbon-bearing range in the oil and gas reservoirs have been identified in principle. 


At present, Tenge Oil and Gas Field has 21 production wells with a daily oil rate of 300 tons per day, and an annual oil of 89,000 tons, and an annual gas of 10.91 million cubic meters in 2021. In 2022, Tenge oil and gas field will make reasonable deployment of new well locations and related drilling and operation workloads in accordance with meeting the requirements of the Ministry of National Energy and Mining, which is to achieve the annual benefit target.

Prospect Forcast

The Tenge Oil and Gas Field has proved oil reserves of 65.44 million tons and the natural gas reserves of 31.4 billion cubic meters with low recovery percent of reserves and stable well oil rate at the individual well. As a producing oil field, Tenge Oil and Gas Field has very good oil and gas potential plus a set of complete surface facilities. It is expected that Tenge Field will be built into a medium-scale oil and gas fields in the future, which will become an important cornerstone of the oil and gas upstream business of Zhongman Group.

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