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Main products are as follows: AC VFD drilling rigs (2,000~9,000 meters), DC drilling rigs, mechanical drilling rigs, truck/trailer-mounted drilling rigs/work-over rigs (1,000~4,000 meters), drilling rig components (mud pumps, rotary tables, crown blocks, traveling blocks, hooks, and winches), and other specially designed drilling equipment (adapting to deserts, swamps, and cold regions).

  • The ZPEC 70DZ Drilling Rig has won the honor of “2010 Shanghai Brand-named Products” and the “CCCMB 2010 Recommended-brand Products”.

  • was awarded the title of “Well-known Trademark in Drilling Rigs” in 2014.



-AC VFD Rigs

-DC Drive Rigs

-Compound Drive Rigs

-Mechanical Drive Rigs

-Truck-mounted Rigs

-Trailer-mounted Rigs

-Work-over Rigs


Rig Parts and Components

-Mud Pumps

-Rotary Tables

-Crown Blocks

-Travelling Blocks


-Draw works

-Driller Rooms

-Automatic Cat Machines



SCR Control Systems

-AC Drive SCR Control Systems

-DC Drive SCR Control Systems

-AC Mechanical-Electric Compound Drive Control Systems

-Electric Power Distribution Systems

-Rig Transformation Solutions with Diesel Replaced by Electricity


Offshore Drilling Equipment

ZPEC designs offshore drilling equipment and can assist clients to safely develop offshore blocks with lower costs.


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